Bidirectional DC-Power Supplies

Kewell EVD-Series

Kewell EVD series of high-precision bidirectional DC power supplies has fully digital controlled IGBT type circuit AC/DC and DC/DC transformation stages with a wide range DC voltage output. Its output characteristic features high accuracy and high dynamic response and includes the function of energy feedback to the grid. The digital regulation ensures a high control precision, fast response speed and a wide range output control.

The programmable DC output functions can be deployed in various situations and applications through different control software. Mainly used in test systems for electric vehicle motors, motor drives (controller) and powertrains, it also can be applied in many further areas of research, development and testing. Other applications are e.g. stationary energy storage systems, battery chargers, charging stations and the charging and discharging of large capacities.

Example Applications for Bidirectional Power Supplies

E-Motor Test Benches

Bidirectional DC power supplies are widely spread and used in E-Motor and Hybrid Motor Test Benches in all stages of automobile value chain. From research and development till End of Line (EOL) quality assurance in production bidirectional DC sources are applied.

Motor Controller Test Benches

To test power consumption and efficiency of motor controls an apporopriate bidirectional DC source is needed to supply the energy from the grid. Instead of using batteries for testing DC power supplies  guarantees highly reproducability of test results.

Powertrain Test Benches

High power Bidirectional DC power supplies are necessary to validate electrical powertrain concepts and detect weaknesses before they are produced or even to validate the production quality of powertrain systems.

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