Battery Test System

Kewell EBD(H)-Series

Kewell EBD(H) series – The Kewell battery test system series are sets of equipment to perform charge and discharge tests of battery modules and battery packs according to latest industry standard requirements. Related to the customer requirements the mainly included power supply can be complemented by additional test bench equipment as desktop Computer including Kewell Battery Test Software, measurement instruments for temperatures and voltages, scanning gun and more. The battery test system is fully digital regulated IGBT type circuit AC/DC and DC/DC transformation with high accuracy, wide voltage range and other advantages. Its DC output features high dynamic response characteristics and the function of feeding energy back  to the grid. The battery test system also supports multi-channel parallel, which can be used to customize different current and power combinations and ensure long-term investment safety.

Example Applications for the Battery Test Sytem

Battery Development Testing

To improve battery concepts battery pack hardware is testet by cylcing the batteries with real loads and charging behaviour. To save energy and prevent heat dissipation during the battery discharge it is necessary to recover energy back to the grid during the discharge process.

Battery Pack Validation and Quality Control

Ensure quality of assembled battery pack in pre-production phase or in battery manufacturing line is absolutely necessary to prevent any quality problems during the product life cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction and safety.

Energy Storage Systems Testing

Test of large capacity energy storage systems to determine real battery system lifespan and quality behaviour during the product life cycle. By manually charge and discharge the storage system it is possible to detect defect battery modules and change them for maintenance reasons.

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