BatterY Simulation Systems

Kewell EVS-Series

Kewell EVS Series of battery simulation systems is developed on the basis of a high precision bidirectional DC source in the special demand of electric motor test applications.  It simulates the charge and discharge characteristics of nearly every kinds of batteries as the system allows the user to select various cell types, series number, parallel section number and SOC index to simulate characteristics of a battery module or  pack including the change process of the batteries internal resistance. To offer full usability own models can be created.

Due to its digital regulation the system achieves high control precision, fast response speed and a wide range output control. To ensure a very stable output voltage during an electric motor test the system regulation is especially optimized for this application. Furthermore the programmable DC output can be deployed in various situations and applications through different control software hence the battery simulator is e.g. used in the development and production testing of electric vehicle driving motors and motor controllers, the fuel cell industry, energy storage systems, charging stations, onboard chargers and others.

Example Applications for Battery Simulation Systems

Electric Motor Test Benches

Battery Simulators are widely spread and used in electric motor and hybrid motor test benches in all stages of automobile value chain. From research and development till end of line (EOL) quality assurance in production battery simulation systems are applied.

Motor Controller Test Benches

To test power consumption and efficiency of motor control units an apporopriate battery simulation is needed to supply and recover energy from the grid. Instead of using real batteries within a test bench DC power supplies  guarantees highly reproducability of test results.

Powertrain Test Benches

High power DC power supplies are necessary to validate electrical powertrain concepts and detect weaknesses before they are produced or even to validate the production quality of powertrain systems.

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