Specialized on Power Electronics Testing Equipment we provide power supply and test solutions from several watts up to 500kW and more. Find if we already cover your application.

Leading Supplier in Automotive Electrical Powertrain Test Benches

E-Motor Test Benches

Electric and Hybrid Motor Testing

Motor Controller Test Benches

Motor Drives and Inverter to Power Electric and Hybrid Motors

Powertrain Test Benches

Combined Powertrain Components up to Completed

DC-Converter Test Benches

High Voltage to Low Voltage DC-Converter with and without Charging Function

Fuel Cell Test Benches

 Safe and stable, integrated Fuel Cell Motor System Test Benches 

Battery Test Benches

Battery Module and Battery Pack Tests like Cycling, Power Tests, Capacity Tests and more.


KEWELL – Our Trusted Brand

Main Products

As official trading partner of HEFEI KEWELL POWER SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. we provide advanced power supply solutions and test bench equipment to our customers.


Bi-directional DC Sources

Standard from 15kW  to 500kW
  • Various Output Voltages: 100Vdc, 200Vdc, 800Vdc, 1000Vdc
  • Power according to Demand: 15kW – 500kW+
  • 60s Peak Power for Overload Function
  • Controls – Local Manual Control,Remote Control and External Communication Function
  • Product languages EN, GER, CN
  • High Precision and High Dynamic Behaviour

Battery Simulation

Use integrated Battery Model or create your own

  • Fully Simulate Battery Output Characteristics
  • Realistic Hardware in the Loop Testing
  • Select between several Integrated Battery Models Internal Resistance Characteristics, e.g. LiMn, LiTi, LiFe, LiCo, Pb and more.
  • Select Number of Serial and Parallel Cells.
  • Create your own Battery Model to Simulate.

Battery PACK Test System

Battery Pack and Module Cycling
  • Single Product or Comprehensive Test System
  • Various Output Voltages: 800Vdc, 1000Vdc
  • Power according to Demand: 50kW – 400kW
  • 2 Channel Versions
  • Including Control Software and Accessories
  • Product Languages EN, GER, CN
  • High Precision and High Dynamic Behaviour
  • Comprehensive Build-in Protection Functions

Bi-directional AC Sources

AC load and power supply

  • AC energy recycling (four-quadrant) analog gridpower supply
  • Simulates power grid disturbance during testing of photovoltaic inverters, energy storage inverters, charging pile or on-board charger, wind power converters and photovoltaic power stations

E-MOTOR Simulation

Hardware in the Loop Testing of Motor Controllers

  • Power converter to simulate the characteristics of a motor port in real time
  • Based on accurate motordynamic mathematical model
  • High frequency and high power switching components
  • Analog motor power: 75/150/300kW, analog motor current: 150/300/600A
  • Energy feedback
KEWELL Fuel cell engine test system

FC Engine Test System

PEM Fuel Cell Motor System Integrated Test Bench

  • Stable Test Platform for Fuel Cell Engine
  • Test the Function, Performance, Stability and Safety of Fuel Cell System
  • Comprehensive Safety Protection Measures
  • Easy Transportation and On-Site Installation by Modular Design
  • Electronic Load Included
  • Real-time Running Status Monitoring

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