PTS – Power Test Solutions specializes in power electronics test equipment and provides power supply solutions from several watts up to 500kW and more. See if we are already covering your requirements with our standard product portfolio and find out more about our company.

Leading Supplier in Automotive Electrical Powertrain Test Equipment

Electric Motor Test

Functional tests  and characterization of electric motors and hybrid motors.

Motor Controller Test

Seperate or combined motor control units in various testing environments.

Powertrain Test

Combined powertrain components up to assambled chassis or cars.

Battery Test

Battery module and battery pack tests like cycling, power tests, capacity tests and more.

DC-Converter Test

Power electronics testing like DC-Converters, or safety components.

Charger Test

Charging applications like onboard-chargers or charging stations.

Power Test Solutions

KEWELL – Our Trusted Brand

Main Products

As official trading partner of HEFEI KEWELL POWER SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. we provide advanced power supply solutions and test bench equipment to our customers. You can find main products used in the automotive industry below. To find out more about solutions of other branches and applications please contact us.

Bi-directional DC Sources

Standard from 15kW  to 500kW
  • Output voltages: 100Vdc, 200Vdc, 800Vdc, 1000Vdc
  • Power according to demand: 15kW – 500kW
  • +60s peak power

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    for overload function

  • Controls – local manual control,remote control and external communication function
  • Product languages EN, GER, CN
  • High precision and high dynamic behaviour

Battery Simulation

Use defined Battery Model or create your own
  • Fully simulate battery output characteristics
  • Realistic

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    hardware in the loop testing

  • Select between several integrated battery models internal resistance characteristics, e.g. LiMn, LiTi, LiFe, LiCo, Pb and more
  • Select number of serial and parallel cells
  • Create your own battery model to simulate

Battery Test System

Battery Pack and Module Cycling
  • Single product or comprehensive test system
  • Output voltages: 800Vdc, 1000Vdc
  • Power according to demand: 50kW – 400kW
  • 2 channel versions
  • Including control software and accessories
  • Product languages EN, GER, CN
  • High precision and high dynamic behaviour
  • Comprehensive build-in protection functions

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